Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too Blessed to Stress

It has been a full and busy week this week. I am trying to plan for Boo's birthday party and get things together and not stress like I did last year. Her photo shoot went well and got a perfect photo for her invitations, made and ordered the invitations and got a few decorations today. I am doing things a little earlier this year so everything will go more smoothly than last year. I hope. I am still planning the food and what not but it will be simple, and Boo will love it just because it's Elmo themed. :)
*** Binkie Update! ***
Boo is doing great! I still tell her everyday that Elmo has her binkies and that he gave them to the babies that don't have any. She is fine with that. She has gone all day the past two days without her binkie! She gets it a naptime and bedtime but I take it as soon as she gets up and she doesnt mind. She actually woke me up this morning when she got up and said, "'s binkie". She gave it to me and never asked for it back. She's doing better than I thought she would. I'm impressed.
***Bad News This Morning***
I woke up to a text this morning from my sweet husband that was a picture of the front driverside corner of our car smashed up that said, "I hit a deer". :( I broke down. Not about the car but because that could've been so much worse. I am so thankful God kept him safe. He sent me the text at 5:51am and we didn't get up until around 8. From now on when my husband leaves, I will ALWAYS have my phone in the bedroom with me....always.
Well, Boo is finally napping and I do believe I will go and lay on the couch and enjoy the quiet and have some one on one time with God. I hope you all stay safe. Blessed be. Much love.