Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Mommy's Prayer

Dear Lord,

     When Kensley draws on the walls, carpet, doors and tile please help me to see rainbows and butterflies.

     When I ask her to do something a hundred times, please give me the patience to ask her a hundred times more.

     With her fists balled up and screams to the top of her little lungs when she doesn't get her way, Lord, remind me she gets it from me.

     When I tell her to stop acting up and to act her age, please remind me that she is! While we are on the subject of age Lord, when I get irritated and upset please remind me to act my own age.

     And through it all Lord-- the messy hands, the runny noses, the stickers in the carpet, paint on the floors, broken toys, videotapes and unrolled toilet paper-- please help me to remember this:

These are the days I will long to have back and to cherish them now while I have them.

Obviously the best poses happen on the most unlikely of props.