Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Cramer Kind of Weekend

What a fun weekend we've had not really doing much of anything! Friday we went to The Play Place and had a ton of fun. Kensley didnt have a nap so when 7:30 rolled around I knew she would be up within a few hours thinking that was her nap. And boy was I right. Come 11:30 she was wide awake but then again, so was I. So I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to have a midnight party and she said, "YES!!!" She was ready to go. So we went into the living room put Sesame Street on and had cookies and cereal. (Yeah, we're party animals!) Afterwards we sat and snuggled until she was falling back to sleep. I put her to bed, then myself.

Saturday was much of the same. We were first in The Play Place when they opened and jumped and colored and ran around acting silly. Then we ate lunch and spent the day as a family. Then Kensley's allergies started kicking and started feeling bad so needless to say we had a long night of stopped up noses, boogies and coughs. So she and I camped out in the living room as to not wake up Daddy and the pups. ;)

Kensley still isn't feeling too great today and it sounds like croup, again!! So tomorrow she and I will be headed to the doctors and get her all fixed up. Bless her heart. This is the third time this year with croup. :(

Other than that things are basically the same. We are well and happy in a home with more love in it than I ever thought was possible. I am a very happy mommy.
Already playing in Mommy's makeup.

Can I get a ROLL TIDE?!?!

Friday, September 28, 2012

As You're Sleeping

As you're sleeping I sit and stare at you thanking God for what a beautiful gift He has sent me. As I look at you blond hair framing your tiny cherubic face, my heart melts. I prayed for you for so long and God fulfilled my prayer and did an amazing job on you. You never cease to amaze me at the things you do and try everyday.
As I sit here watching your little chest rise and fall as you breathe I think back on the day and realize there is so much more we could have accomplished if my head wasn't elsewhere. So as this week closes and a new week is going to open, I as your mommy vow to you we are going to make the best of everyday and fill it with as much laughter and fun as we can, for you are growing up way too fast and I don't want to miss a thing.
Sleep now my little one, tomorrow is a new and exciting adventure awaiting us. I love you sweet girl. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud Mommy

When I was younger we moved around, a lot. I was always referred to as, "The New Girl". I didn't make friends real easy so I always remember making friends with the "different" kids. The two that stand out among them all were both in West Virginia. My best friend was a little person and another good friend was deaf. If anyone dare make fun of them, I was the one to fight the battle. I felt I had to protect them I guess. Anyway, while we were at The Play Place today, which was PACKED, Kensley found her a friend. His name is Austin. Out of all the little boys and girls she chose a little boy who was born with a congenital-limb defect. He is only two months younger than her and you'd think they were long lost friends.
Watching her play with this little boy and helping him on the toys melted my heart. All I could think was how sweet and kind hearted my almost two year old is. She has such a big heart for such a tiny person. I fell in love with little Austin, he too was so sweet and precious. I hope he is there again soon.
It makes a mommy proud to see such tiny people love one other despite any flaws they may have. We could all probably learn something from our little ones if we paid a little more attention.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Earning the Mommy Card Changes Things....

I was recently trying to get Kensley ready to go run errands with me and just make a Mommy/ Daughter day of it. I was so focused on getting her ready and the pups ready with water and treats to distract them from our leaving and I got in the car and realized OMGosh! I have zero makeup on! Kensley was already in her carseat buckled in and I was NOT about to get her back out and go get the pups started just to put makeup on. So, I didn't. I went to town and rocked the natural, and I must say, it felt fabulous! I have been wearing very little makeup this past year anyway just because I am busy. I wear it but not a lot.
If you would have come to me before I had my baby girl and said, "You'll end up going to town and shopping and to dinner with no makeup on",I would have laughed in your face. I am so serious. There was a time where I wouldn't check my mail without makeup on. I was always afraid someone would see me. I don't know if it's because I am married to a wonderful man or if it's because I am a mommy or just because I am older that I really embrace a natural look. I am not trying to hide anything any more I guess. I'll wear a little mascara and lip gloss, but lately that's the extent of my makeup.
Don't get me wrong, if we're going out as a family I am going to fix my hair and do my makeup, but as far as going to Wal Mart or running a quick errand, pssh! I'm going all natural!

I'm being brave and posting a no makeup picture here. :D Be nice.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feeling Better!

Well, Boo woke up this morning feeling a LOT better than yesterday, thank the Lord. I believe I medicated her cold just in time, before it turned to croup again and I am so relieved by that. She had lots of energy today after feeling so bad yesterday so we took her to the park to see/feed the ducks and play a few minutes. I was trying not to let her get too hot or run too much just in case. She is still a tad grumpy and has her feel bad moments but over all she is feeling much better. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.