Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud Mommy

When I was younger we moved around, a lot. I was always referred to as, "The New Girl". I didn't make friends real easy so I always remember making friends with the "different" kids. The two that stand out among them all were both in West Virginia. My best friend was a little person and another good friend was deaf. If anyone dare make fun of them, I was the one to fight the battle. I felt I had to protect them I guess. Anyway, while we were at The Play Place today, which was PACKED, Kensley found her a friend. His name is Austin. Out of all the little boys and girls she chose a little boy who was born with a congenital-limb defect. He is only two months younger than her and you'd think they were long lost friends.
Watching her play with this little boy and helping him on the toys melted my heart. All I could think was how sweet and kind hearted my almost two year old is. She has such a big heart for such a tiny person. I fell in love with little Austin, he too was so sweet and precious. I hope he is there again soon.
It makes a mommy proud to see such tiny people love one other despite any flaws they may have. We could all probably learn something from our little ones if we paid a little more attention.