Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Reality

Kevin went back to work yesterday and I miss spending the day with him and I know Boo does. She wakes up asking where daddy is. But, at least we had a great week together.
Boo and I are having Mommy/daughter days though and since she likes The Play Place, that's where our new spot is. I enjoy seeing her play with other kids and watching her laugh and try new things. It's a little bittersweet though, it just shows how fast my little Bitty Boo is growing.
Today, I get back to Zumba and hand weights along with my running. Boo really likes Zumba. She pushes me to do it lolol. So, we better get started.
Sorry, it's not much to report but not a whole lot is going on. :D God bless. Have a great Wednesday.