Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Potty Training=Success!!

I initially started potty training a few months ago and it was obviously not time. I bought Boo girl a cute little potty that sings and has a smiley face on it and all that jazz and let her play with it so she wouldn't be afraid of it......BAD mistake. She then thought it was a toy and as we all know, we don't potty on our toys! She absolutely refused to potty in that one. So now I have her a potty that goes on the big toilet that I started using today and......drum roll please......SUCCESS!!! She has used the potty twice since I brought it home this afternoon!!! And she gets SO excited! She has been running around the house yelling,"WhooHoo! I did it! I did it!!!!!" It is so exciting. I don't expect at this point for her to stick with it but this is a fabulous start.
The bad thing? They don't make pull ups or training panties in her size that I can find. She's still so little that the pull ups fall right off. I've been using the Huggies pull on diapers and those work just fine for now until she gets the hang of it.
But anywho, that's our update for now. Not much of anything else has happened. Hope you all have a great night. Stay blessed.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

CHRISTmas Photo Shoot

Funny "blooper" pictures at the end ;0) Enjoy! God Bless and much love!
My beautiful little girl.

My little family

I was testing the tri-pod location and got this special picture

Can't have cookies and milk without an Alabama cup

Our pretty little tree...

Funny pictures from the shoot that crack me up.........
Trying to so her funny face...

Looks super interested

One of her many funny expressions


Another funny face...

Her favorite....

as you can see


"hmmmm.....what to do next to make mommy laugh....."


"Say what?" lolol

I don't care how many times I look at this picture, I laugh til I have tears rolling down my face. She is really getting into her song shes singing.......OMGosh, too funny.


She cracks herself up a lot too.




I hope you all enjoyed my silly daughter! LOL I do daily, she keeps me laughing. :D