Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Cramer Kind of Weekend

What a fun weekend we've had not really doing much of anything! Friday we went to The Play Place and had a ton of fun. Kensley didnt have a nap so when 7:30 rolled around I knew she would be up within a few hours thinking that was her nap. And boy was I right. Come 11:30 she was wide awake but then again, so was I. So I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to have a midnight party and she said, "YES!!!" She was ready to go. So we went into the living room put Sesame Street on and had cookies and cereal. (Yeah, we're party animals!) Afterwards we sat and snuggled until she was falling back to sleep. I put her to bed, then myself.

Saturday was much of the same. We were first in The Play Place when they opened and jumped and colored and ran around acting silly. Then we ate lunch and spent the day as a family. Then Kensley's allergies started kicking and started feeling bad so needless to say we had a long night of stopped up noses, boogies and coughs. So she and I camped out in the living room as to not wake up Daddy and the pups. ;)

Kensley still isn't feeling too great today and it sounds like croup, again!! So tomorrow she and I will be headed to the doctors and get her all fixed up. Bless her heart. This is the third time this year with croup. :(

Other than that things are basically the same. We are well and happy in a home with more love in it than I ever thought was possible. I am a very happy mommy.
Already playing in Mommy's makeup.

Can I get a ROLL TIDE?!?!