Monday, August 6, 2012

A Change

Today starts with some changes in the Cramer household. First and foremost, I finally deleted my Facebook yesterday so this is my first full day without it. I must say, I still pick up my phone to check it every once in a while lol. Secondly, we are cutting out some of our TV watching. Kensley got to watch Sesame Street this morning and then we cut it off and closed it in the cabinet. She and I cleaned up the house a bit and dusted really well. That apparently wore her out because she is now napping and didn't put up much of a fight! Now, off to finish laundry I go and then the dishes. When Boo wakes up we will start dinner and probably do some crafts afterwards. So anyway, the changes in play are:
No Facebook
Less Television
More Crafts
More cleaning through the week so I dont have to spend an entire day cleaning house.
Overall, have more family time. Nothing is more precious or more important than spending time with those you love.