Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bedtime Stories, Giggles and Love

Bedtime around the Cramer house is never quick, quiet or easy. But, it is enjoyable. First, we bathe then get our teefers brushed and get into our comfy jammies. We give daddy night night lovins which normally ends in a game of "chase me if you want mushies daddy" and a whole lot of giggling while running away from him,lol then finally, story time!! I don't know about anyone else's almost two year olds, but mine gets really bored about halfway through a book. So sometimes we finish, sometimes we dont. We say our prayers, I get my Mommy mushies and tight squeezies and it's time to lay down.
Second half of bedtime is basically a waiting game. I sit beside Boos bed until she finally falls asleep, which could range any where from 10 minutes to as long as an hour and a half. It varies on what our day was like, if she napped, was she rambunctious and so on. It's been about 25 minutes now and no sign of sleep in the near future. :) She's a talker and if she doesn't feel like sleeping she is going to talk. Haha
When she does finally go to sleep I sneak out and go to my bed, sleep with one eye open lol and wait. For what you ask? For Kensley to wake up saying,
"Momma.....Momma.......Momma" I love waking up to it. It's such a sweet call. Much better than screaming and tears I assure you. :) (Just to be clear, her bedtime is between 8 and 9, again depending on what went on that day, and she normally sleeps in her bed anywhere from 5-8 hours.)
Thats when the third half begins. Again, depending on the day and how exhausted I am depends on whether I sit on her floor and wait for her to fall asleep again or if I just pick her up and stick her in the bed with us. Most of the time I put her in our bed because admittedly I love the snuggle time. :) And that's where our bedtime routine normally ends. We snuggle and sleep until about 8 and then our day begins.

Finally, Boo is asleep so I will end here, not that I had much more to discuss other than what a stormy icky day we had, but that can wait. ;•) I'll post pictures from our icky day. God Bless you all and goodnight. <3