Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kensley-0 Geese-2

Today was too funny not to share with those of you who are actually reading this. So, K, Isaac and I went to the park for me to get my walk on and afterwards we decided to go to Oxford Lake and feed the ducks since Golden Springs was over run with 100 kids from the day camp. We get to Oxford Lake and are immediately met by a gaggle of geese! Running after us, wanting our bread and hissing the entire time. K took a hotdog bun and was trying to break it off to toss it to the obviously starving geese. And then it happened! One impatient goose took the bread from her hand and bit her at the same time! She screams and so I try throwing more further away hoping they would back up. Uh yeah, no such luck. K is still crying and screaming and I am trying to console her and didn't see she was still holding bread and got bit AGAIN! This time she literally climbs up me and so I am holding Isaac and K along with the bag of bread with a gaggle of hungry geese staring at me and hissing. I dumped the bread and got out of there while laughing so hard I had tears. There was an elderly couple laughing as hard as I was. Poor K though. She is scarred. Told me repeatedly on the way home that she doesn't like "ducksies" and never wants to do that ever again! 
Oh my word. What a day. I felt so bad for K but at the same time, it was pretty funny. I hope you have all had a great day. God Bless