Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crafty Sorta Day

Meh. What is up with this icky weather the past few days? I don't know about y'all but it makes my body ache and sucks out every bit of energy I have. So because of impending yucky weather K and I decided today would be a crafty sorta day. Sooooo, we made a stepping stone for the garden, K painted a mini birdhouse and then we played a ladybug alphabet game to teach K which baby letter belongs to which mommy letter. I think she really enjoyed herself.
I had my own craft night lastnight while the kids were sleeping because it was storming and I was having to deal with FuzzCakes and her storm phobia. Why not be productive, right? So, I was sorting the kids room and going through photos and  picture frames and I noticed that K has SO MANY personalized photo frames and girly frames from people from our past and Baby I has NONE! Because according to a certain person from our past they were not excited about Baby I. (Yeah, they really said that...You understand why they are people from our past now right?) Anyway, I looked online and absolutely could not afford the personalized frames on there! They are so expensive! So, I got the bright idea to make him one when I saw the plain wooden frames at Hobby Lobby. I thought it would be much easier than it was, but I am still pretty proud of the way it turned out. Here it is.

And here are the rest of today's pictures from craft time. Have a safe and happy day. God bless.

Painting a mini birdhouse
So pretty ;)
The most beautiful mini birdhouse in the world.
Can you see her hand and foot in her stepping stone?
Learning lower case letters
When baby I smiles, he SMILES! Hard cheesin'. :D
Handsome fella.
Mommas sweet baby boy. So happy.