Sunday, January 12, 2014

Live in the Blink

When you become a parent  you finally understand the statement, "Children grow up in the blink of an eye". It seems like just yesterday my KenseyBoo was curled up in my lap still in a diaper and footy pajamas with nothing more than a coo coming from her tiny mouth. I look back on the past 3 years and think there is so much more I could've done in that "blink" that I didn't take the time to do and things I shouldn't have done that took time away from her. 
About a year ago, roughly when I found out I was pregnant with Isaac, I decided to live in the blink. I changed,and am still changing every day, the way I parent and how I go about things. There are so many small things we do every single day that we could stop and have that much more time spent on our kids. Your children need meaningful time spent with them every. single. day. Spending the time on your kids and letting them see how you live your life will have such an impact on you both. They can help you better see who you are. 
Instead of trying to just spend time with them, I try to make memories with them whether it be arts and crafts, getting in the floor and playing anything with them,baking or just dancing around the house acting a fool. That's what they will remember. 
If I feel overwhelmed during the day I always always always take a "Mommy recharge break". I put the baby down for a nap and let Boo play in her playroom or watch television and I go into the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen for ten minutes to either pray, think or sit and do nothing and have a quick snack. You need a little me time every day. 
I always try to remember that my kids and I are on the same team. They are not out to purposefully make a mess or break something. And honestly, some days that one is just hard to believe!Haha!
Do less. Play more. 
Don't sweat the small stuff. Hard I know. 
Learn from yesterday, start fresh today and be ready for tomorrow. 
Let things go. Do not dwell on things. It can unknowingly and unintentionally affect your attitude. 
Remember that praising your child goes a long way. 
I've had to make myself stop saying, "In a minute" and actually give a minute. 
Pray out loud and ask The Lord for forgiveness. Explain to your kids what forgiveness is. Just pray outloud and talk to God. Monkey see. Monkey do. Actively seek, grant and receive forgiveness.  
Lastly, make sure that the last thing your child hears every single night is I love you. 
I strive every single day to LIVE IN THE BLINK. 


Side note, my Momma told me something a few months back that I think about every day and that is:
Children spell love T•I•M•E