Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maps, ABC's and Peanuts

Kensley learned the ABC song a long time ago but she never had any interest to learn them visually......until now! We have started a new learning activity to teach her the alphabet and all the states and she is having a blast!
What you will need: 
Map of USA
(For the map and alphabet we bought placemats from WalMart, very cute and colorful)
Bite Size Snack (We use peanuts) 

With the alphabet we started with the first row of letters, A-J. KBoo sang them first and then I sat a peanut on a random letter and had her tell me what it was. Every time she got one correct she got to eat the peanut. She did pretty well! Boy did she want those peanuts! ;) We did those for about 45 minutes and will move onto the second row, K-U, tomorrow and so on. 

We had dinner and gave her brain a rest and then we started on the map. I had no clue she was going to catch on so quickly! Holy moly! In the 30 minutes that we played she learned where Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida are!!! She went over them over and over and ended up with a mouth full of peanuts!! Hahaha!! She will learn all the states in no time! I can't wait to play again tomorrow! There is nothing greater than watching your child learn and actually have fun doing it! BTW! They sound really cute trying to pronounce the states! ;0)