Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tubal Ligation: To Tie or Not to Tie

Okay, so Kevin and I knew Isaac would be our last child as we both only wanted two. So I figured since I would be having another c-section I would go ahead and get my tubes tied. I spoke with my obgyn about it and he said it would be an easy procedure because I'd already be opened up and normally there are no complications with it. I should've heard normally over everything and should've done my own research because I am here to say I totally without a doubt 100% regret it. Monthly cycles now, even though I am still breast feeding, are pure hell. No,seriously. The cramps are comparable to contractions, no joke. TMI but I go through a full box of Super+ tampons in 4 days plus a pack of pads and it lasts anywhere from 5-9 days. The migraines that accompany it will have you seeing those fun little birds floating about your head. 
If you are considering a tubal here is my advice. Research, research RESEARCH!!! When you are done with that, hand the keys to your man and MAKE HIM GET NEUTURED!!! Its totally not worth this. I am now looking at surgery to either have a uterine ablation or a partial hysterectomy. I don't want either, but at this point those are my only two options. So all seriousness, please research first. 
God Bless.