Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Co-Sleeping Fabulousness

So before Isaac was born I knew that we would co-sleep just like with Kensley. There are so many benefits and being a mommy I LOVE IT. I understand that some don't think it is safe and they say it spoils your kids and you have no "romantic spousal" time and yadda yadda yadda. I think that is a load of garbage but to each their own. Opinions are like, yep you go it, BELLYBUTTONS! Everybody's got one and some stink. ;)
Back to the subject at hand. We bought a Simplicity Bassinet/Co-sleeper. How excited I was to know that I could park that sucker right next to the bed and it would be like he was in the bed with me and I could feed him and roll over when he was done and we'd both sleep well. Boy! Was I wrong! When you have the side off there is about a 12 inch opening. Your baby is much longer than that when they're born!!! It was beyond difficult to feed him whilst laying down. It was like a lying down mammogram. Trying to put your boobs through this opening while balancing on the edge of your bed on your side with nothing to really hold onto and trying all the while to be quiet and make small moves. It was a nightmare!! So, I had to find a solution. I was on Pinterest, big surprise, right? And I ran across a blog that showed a picture of a standard convertible crib with the front off ( and a few other slight alterations) and it was pushed up to the bed to make a co-sleeping/at arms reach crib. I thought,  GENIUS! This was after thinking, " Wow, you must have a huge room to use a standard crib for this, and you have to climb in the bed from the bottom! No room on the side!!" Luckily for me I have a mini crib!!!!!!!! Whoot Whoot!!! So, I ran in to see if the front would come off and still leave me 4 legs and it did!!!!!! Hot dawg!!! Next was to measure beside the bed to be sure it would fit and I could still get in the bed. Yes! Perfect fit!!! So, after rearranging and cleaning I set it up beside my bed and it is wonderful!! 
How magnificently great is this?! 

Goodbye Simplicity Bassinet/Co-sleeper. Hello bedside mini crib!!! 

For those who are interested in co-sleeping but you also think it is dangerous and only spoils your kids I highly urge you to read this. It aides in the prevention of SIDS!! This is something I think every mother is terrified of. It's also a great bonding time and if you breast feed it is wonderful to be able to feed them to sleep while you rest,and you can also go to sleep. Also, it's easy to feed in the middle of the night without getting up and stumbling around your house half asleep.
Remember this: Just because (insert your name here) fell asleep, does not mean mommy fell asleep". Meaning, just because you are asleep does not mean that the mother in you fell asleep. You will know exactly where your baby is and if you are a healthy individual and don't have a drug or alcohol abuse  problem, you should be fine. 

God Bless.