Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best Friends Forever? Probably.

What is cuter than your two year old having a best friend? Having two best friends!
I met Amber when we were both pregnant. Our husbands were friends and I knew Zach as well for years before. She and I hit it off immediately and became fast friends. We knew that our girls would be best friends and boy were we right! Amber now has a new baby boy and Kensley loves him just as much!
We had a visit this past weekend with them because Amber and I needed woman friend time as much as the girls needed friend play time. (Okay, the daddies needed some "men time" too lol but they see each other at work) We're blessed that we all get along and are all friends.
Here are some pictures of our silly kids. :D

Kensley, Riley and Bubba.