Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Little Things

I have not had a Facebook now since the beginning of August. I do have to sign on every once in a while to retrieve something, whether it be an address, phone number or whatever. Anyway, I signed on the other day and came across something my Mom wrote as her status that day and it made my day. I cant even remember why I signed on but I think God wanted me to read this.
Its the little things like this that count. It's always good to hear that your parents are proud of you and more so that your faith and love for God are showing to those around you and you're spreading it!

Knowing I don't have a Facebook and probably wouldn't read it she still wrote this. Love you Momma.
It reads,"Day 5: I thank God for my first daughter Rachael! I am so proud of the young women you have become! Your faith in God and love for your family is an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you! I admire you not only as a faithful wife to Kevin but as a loving and caring mommy to our lol Kensley Boo! I could not be prouder of you than I am today! Continue to keep your beautiful smile and your ability to see the sunshine through the rain! I love you sweet girl with all my heart!