Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stubborn Like Her Momma

Stubborn doesn't even come close to my little girl. She is the most hard headed child I have ever seen in my life. If you put her in her booster seat to eat she will eat 1 bite and say, "all done!" And either hand you her plate or drop it for the dogs to eat. So I found it is easier to set her at the side table and let her eat there.
Now normally, since she has never been one to sit down and eat, I leave her food in her reach so she can eat when she wants while playing. Tonight however, I wanted her to sit and eat with us like a normal child lol and I was not taking "NO" for an answer. ( I give in really easy......normally)
I made homemade beef stew over mashed potatoes, all of which she likes by the way. So she ate one bite and got up to play. I made her sit down and told her after she eats 3 bites she could get up and play. This stubborn child sat there with this stubborn Momma for right at an hour and a half before she finally took those three measly bites. Why did she finally eat them? Because I took three spoonfuls and put them on a paper plate. It looked different so she thought it was something else. She ate that little bit with no problem at all, whilst saying, "'s goooooddd".
I have to give it to her though, she didn't have a meltdown at all. She whined a few times but that's it. And I didn't give in! Whoohooo!!!
Now if we could just master potty!
Anyway, we've had a good day. We've prayed a lot today over our country and "leaders". I've had to give a lot of worry over to The Lord but still have a little anxiety. I guess we take each day as it comes and turn to Christ and trust in Him to keep us safe, nothing else we can do. I hope you all are praying for our nation, we need it. Take care and God Bless.

Pictures from where she is supposed to be eating, but as you can see, she's just being silly until she has a paper plate lolol.