Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Party Pictures

There is major significance behind this photo. Please refer to my next post to see why. :)

My better half. My rock. My best friend. My soulmate. My husband, Kevin.

Does this group look like trouble or what? lol

Sweet Jayden. He is 1 week to the day younger than my Boo.

My should have been sister. My best friend. Shawna. <3

So silly.


"You want to me to stick my hand in that? hmmm...No"

The Cramers

Me and my sweet two year old.

The Cramers....again. You can never have too many family photos.

My Shawnadoo, me and Boo.

My Brother and his girlfriend, Anna.

Birthday cake at Mimi's

Nom Nom


Shes still too cute, icing included.

Boo and her cousin Mason. She loved when he squealed.




I'm TWOOO!!!

My sweet girl and myself

My second heartbeat