Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Girl Panties!!

I am one very proud Mommy! Kensley has had one, YES ONE!!!, accident in the past THREE days!!! Holy cow!! And this includes going poopy in the potty! The one accident, yesterday, was because we didn't make it home in time, my fault. She even pooped on her own this morning without me telling her to sit on the potty, it was all her! :D

Because she's done so well, she got new panties! And let me tell you, she is proud of them! At two years and 2 months she is well on her way to being fully potty trained. Eekkk!! I'm so excited for her!! She hates diapers now, doesn't like to put them on at night after wearing panties all day long, who can blame her? She's a big girl! lol

Too exciting. :D Hope you all have a blessed day! Much love.